Hemstock Films is a Vancouver Video Production Company which was started in 2009 by Mark Hemstock. Mark Hemstock is a director, DP and editor with over 11 years experience in Film and Video Production.

Hemstock originally moved from Calgary in fall 2005 to pursue film making. He graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver in early 2007 and specialized in digital video production.

2009 highlights included corporate work for Specialized Tech Inc. of Calgary, video work for Hugh Sinclair Chuck Wagon racing, and the North American Challenge MMA tournaments in North Vancouver. After putting together DVDs for these events, Hemstock was hired by professor Barraozinho of Axe Capoeira to document there annual Batizado Capoeira event. This led to the filming of the short action film “Bloodsign” which was created for the 48 hour bloodshots film festival. This project then led to shooting a few promo videos for Tactix Gym with host Tina Lovgreen in downtown Vancouver. This then led to work with TJ Kennedy of Toronto for his self defense training video series “The Hybrid Fighting Method”. In fall 2009 Hemstock attended the British Columbia Institute of Technology where he studied business development, sales and marketing through the BCIT Venture Program. It was here he created the original brand of Hemstock Films and hired Darius Abulencia to create his original flash website.

2010 highlights: Hemstock was hired as a photog/editor by On Demand Production Network and Yahoo Sports to cover the 2010 Winter Olympic games. He continued working with James Lewis and they produced an event DVD for the Vancouver Real Estate Forum. He was also hired by Ben West to work on a video for an expansion of Aberdeen Center in Richmond. Shortly after he was hired by Colter Ripley to help film and edit a live concert for Tito Deville Band. This project led to Tito and Mark creating a trailer for a reality TV show for an MTV casting call. They came up with “House of Dreams”, a show about 3 struggling musicians trying to become famous starring Eric Solomon, Rosette Luve and Tito Deville. The trailer won the contest beating out hundreds of other entries nation wide and MTV filmed a one-off episode named “The Youth Electric.” This project led to being hired by Eric Solomon, one of the musicians in the show. Eric and Mark created a music video for Eric’s new track A.L.L. which was picked up by much music and put on heavy rotation. Throughout late 2010 Hemstock shot music videos for Tito Deville Band with Jae Yu of Three Piece Media, Hip Hop artist Drezus with director Cowboy Smithx, and the Qlutch Project, a female electronic group.

2011 Highlights: Hemstock would be hired to DP on an action web series called “Soldiers of the Apocalypse”, written and directed by Brandon Colby Cook of Cooked-Up Motion Pictures. Hemstock then continued with more music video work for Eric Solomon’s next single, “I found Love.” Mark was then called up by Ryan Phillips, a guy he’d given a business card to 2 years prior at the Tactix shoot. Mark and Ryan worked on a whole variety of uplifting videos for a motivational web series called “Return to Happiness.” This project led him all over Italy, Spain, Croatia and Amsterdam. Upon returning, Mark was hired to shoot and edit together a video for the UBC thunderbirds football team with producer Mike Hamilton. This led to more work with the BC Lions football team and their new youth training camp “Game Ready.” At the end of 2011 Hemstock created a narrative piece “Alan Watts: Adventure of Dreams” which includes a portion of a classic lecture from Philosopher Alan Watts, edited with some of Hemstock Film’s best shots.

2012: Hemstock continued more music video work for singer Kaylee Johnston, and Eric Solomon’s latest single “ground control” amongst numerous corporate video work. during April, Hemstock was hired by Patrick Weir of Callum’s Day Productions out of Whitehorse to camera operate on an extreme snowmobile video. This led to work from Lee Cation of Unkle Events who hired Mark to shoot/edit a video for the Britannia Classic Longboard festival along with Sea to Sky Cable Cam.

2013-current: In September of 2013, Mark Hemstock began pre-production on a feature length documentary called “PHI: The Evolution of Consciousness” which is a documentary film about the golden ratio, sacred geometry, fractals, universal consciousness, spirituality vs science and psychic intuition. To find out more about the documentary please visit phiproject.com

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