Hemstock Films is a full service video production company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We specialize in online commercial video marketing solutions for your business, message or brand. We have a passion for filmmaking, and a life-long dedication to mastering our craft!


Your production matters a great deal to us and so does the result. You’ve invested a huge amount of energy into your business and now you need a professional team to help deliver your message. Your audience needs to stay captivated, and we’ve learned numerous ways to help influence your target demographic with our films. We use a streamlined process to help everything go as smoothly as possible with your production.




Planning is everything. At Hemstock Films, no detail is overlooked. We provide a full creative brief for your production. Whether it be a script, shot list, mood board, in depth interview questions or further market research, having a clear and concise plan is the most important step to a successful video production. We also do location scouting, and have a large network of both interior and exterior film locations around the lower mainland.


We supply a full crew with all film equipment, and can scale any of these based on your budget. From writers and producers, to directors, cinematographers, camera assistants and lighting technicians, all the way to makeup artists, stylists, and set designers, our network of top industry film professionals have been curated over many years to serve your needs. You can rest assured knowing that every aspect of your video has been taken care of.


Much of the storytelling process comes down to the edit. From logging and assembly, to colour correction, motion graphics and post production sound, we maintain a very high standard of work at Hemstock Films. We edit all our films with state of the art editing systems, and can deliver a wide variety of formats for web or broadcast.



One thing that sets us apart from others is staying true to our core values.


We mean what we say. We let our actions do the speaking. Keeping our clients up to speed, maintaining communication through the entire production, and generally doing our very best to not let anybody down is our #1 priority.


We have a reputation around town to deliver high quality work, pay our contractors fairly and on time, and keep a positive, respectful environment on set.


At Hemstock Films, we believe a big factor for the outcome of any video is the on set experience. We like to keep a positive, fun, respectful atmosphere on set for everyone involved, as this always translates through to the final film!


Do it right, do it properly, or don’t do it at all!




Mark Hemstock is a producer, director, and DOP with over 12 years of professional experience in film and video production.

Hemstock originally moved from Calgary, Alberta in fall 2005 to pursue film making. He graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver’s Digital Film and Video Program in early 2007. He returned to study business and entrepreneurship at BCIT in 2009. From there, he went on to launch his own production company, Hemstock Films. Today, Hemstock Films has expanded to be one of the most well known production companies in Vancouver. Throughout the years, Mark has assembled an impressive portfolio of work, skill set, and a network of professionals throughout the industry in every department of film making.

Mark is also a husband to his loving wife Olivia, and a father to his boy Jameson Christopher Hemstock. Mark’s other passions are travelling, hiking, and spending time with his family and Australian Shepherd, Toby.



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