Kristia Di Gregorio – Oh My Heart

Oh My Heart written and performed by Kristia Di Gregorio from The Whiplash Curve – available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/the…

Director: Mark Hemstock https://www.hemstockfilms.com/

Producers: Mark Hemstock, Olivia Hemstock, Kristia Di Gregorio

Lead Actor & Dancer: Joel Hanna http://www.joelhanna.com

Cinematography: Mark Hemstock, Chris Stanley, Patrick Weir, Inga Avedyan

Drone Pilot: Patrick Weir

Gaffer, Drone Camera: Steven Noble

Prop Masters: Two Brothers One Vision http://www.twobrothersonevision.ca/

Makeup: Elate Cosmetics http://www.elatebeauty.com/, Ali Loughton, Olivia Hemstock

Personal Assistants: Jessica Bouley, Goddesses to the Rescue https://www.facebook.com/pages/Goddes…

Filmed on location at: Centennial United Church – Victoria, BC http://www.cucvictoria.com/ and Prospect Lake, BC

I wrote Oh My Heart when I started experiencing pain on the left side of my chest. It was the first sign of my breast cancer. This video is about my journey: the light and the dark, the struggle against fear and the bravery needed to accept a changed body and a new reality. It is my gift to all my sisters out there still fighting. More of my story can be found at http://www.kristia.ca.

The creation of Oh My Heart took a village! Thank you from the bottom of my heart:

Tony Di Gregorio, Joel Hanna, Lin Sheffield, Sheila Pratt, Lara Calton, Ihor & Judy, Suzanne & Stu at CUC, Kimberly Yanick, Larry Dibb, Darren Dibb, Katie Dibb, Kyla Lee, Melodie Reynolds, Mb Blair, Rodney Halko, Stephanie Curran, Margo Matwychuk, Annette Richard, Laurie Vosters, Rebekah Maxwell, Brenda Outram, Jocelyn Morlock, Brendan Mooney, T B, Amy Reiswig, Marvin Kaye, Frank & Norma McCrea, Grace Gaughan, Christina Zaenker, Kendra Clary, Guy Dauncy and Carolyn Herriott, Jessica Raymond, Jeannette Kim, Peet Vuur, Bonnie Sawchuk, Sherry Leigh Williams and Wilf Davies, Teresa Norris, Wendy McKay, David Chin, Mary-Ann Pedersen, Edie DaPonte, Leslie Alexander, Katie Hartshorn and Steve Jones, Mike Raymer and Joy Kruger, Jimy Jimy, Irene and Mark, Susannah Adams, Neil Trett, Karen Hamer, Brad Hawkes, Marla and the folks at Wild Coffee, everyone who contributed at our fundraiser concert and of course our wonderful crew and Oh My Heart co-creators Mark, Olivia, Chris, Patrick, Inga, Steve $ Ali!

A special note of thanks to the musicians who played on this song: Joby Baker, Quinn Bachand, Richard Moody, Tony Di Gregorio and Beatrix Mooney

Lyrics –

I can feel the ticker murmur
The skipping beats, unsteady measure
I can count the pauses in my time

In my chest the rushing footfall
And at rest, the hopeful bird call
I can count all the loves of my life

Oh my heart…

I have spent a lifetime mending
A tender heart needs constant tending
I can count the wounds that healed in time

There is a pain in some dark recess
Speaks the truth, no need to confess
I can count the secrets brought to light

Oh my heart…

You fickle thing I long to sing
Of hearts constant and true
Mine’s not right, try as I might
It’s a broken gift I give to you

There is a fence that keeps out wonder
You throw your heart and then jump over
I have not been brave enough to ride

But you ditch the fear and come out running
And find your heart is still a strong thing
Saying love won’t kill you, though it might

Oh my heart…
Oh my heart…

Date: August 31, 2015