PHI: The Evolution of Consciousness LAUNCH TRAILER

PHI: The Evolution of Consciousness Documentary Movie TRAILER 2017 from Hemstock Films on Vimeo.

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PHI is a documentary about the evolution of consciousness. Take a journey with some of the world’s most renowned experts in spirituality, psychology, and philosophy as we unravel the ego, embark on a journey of self-discovery, and ultimately find and share a path to mindful existence. The film itself is an experience. One that’ll help you uncover the deepest, truest you.

Featuring over 25 speakers: Rick Moorehead TCM Practioner, Cowboy Smithx of RedX Talks, Scott A. Olsen author of the golden section best selling book, Jamie Janover, musician and ambassador of the resonance project, Venita Ramirez, a psychotherapist from Pacific Integral, John Kessler of Integral Polarity Practice, Aya from the school of sacred geometry, David Sereda, an author and lecturer, Kenneth Frazier, Marsha & Gary Cook of the Nook in Cornelius, North Carolina, Bruce Damer of Levity Zone Podcast, Devon Love from the University of Metaphysical Sciences, Jose Fuentes of the Now Technique, Heather Lovig a psychic healer, Geoff Fitch, a teacher on consciousness at Pacific Integral, Todd Ritchey of TRilluminate, Dr. Lee Smith a mind body health doctor, Marcy Sullivan a chiropractor and intuitive healer, Devon Christie MD, Carrie Lynn Victor a first nations enthobotanist and teacher, Amrit Desai of Amrit Yoga Institute, June Hamilton a spiritual teacher, Shannon Hearn an actor and spiritual teacher from Squamish BC.

Documentary production by Hemstock Films Canadian Film Production company based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. hemstockfilms.com

Date: August 08, 2017